Who we are...
Scouting in Pack 53 is a family program
parents and siblings are always welcome.  
We call ourselves, "The action pack" for good reason - we do a lot of stuff!  We
love to camp and go hiking with our families and spend a lot of time learning
about conservation, ecology, safety and more.  Citizenship is also very important
to us and we work on a variety of community service projects throughout the
year as well as participate in parades, flag ceremonies, and other local events.

We always encourage our Scouts to do their best, and they earn a lot of awards
and advancement recognition as a result.  Parents are a huge part of our Pack's
success.  If you're looking for a place to drop your kids off so you can have an
hour of "me" time, then Pack 53 may not be right for you.  But if you are willing to
be an active part of the program we'll use your talents in a way that benefits us
all and makes Pack 53 a fun place to be.
Cub Scout Pack 53, Waxhaw, NC - "The Action Pack!"
Look around...
Want to know more? Please take a look around our site.  There you can learn
about our leaders, see what activities are coming up, view some photos of our
recent events, and check out a variety of links and downloads that we hope will
answer all your questions about Pack 53.  Or better yet, come join us at our
next meeting!  Hope to see you there!
News and Notables:
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New Scouts...
Pack 53 is chartered by Waxhaw United Methodist Church; we hold our den and
pack meetings on Tuesdays at 6:30 PM.

Pack 53 FAQ
2013-2014 Calendar


Cub Scout Pack 53
Waxhaw United Methodist Church
200 McDonald Street, Waxhaw, NC

Cub Master: Mike Krueger
mike@shellyandmike.com, Ph:704-621-8097

Committee Chairman: Rob Hepler
Email: waxhawpack53@gmail.com

Plain and simple, Scouting is “Fun with a Purpose”. Cub Scouting is a program for Boys ages 6-11 years old (1st – 5th grade) built on the following
purposes: Character Development, Spiritual Growth, Good Citizenship, Sportsmanship and Fitness, Family Understanding, Respectful
Relationships, Personal Achievement, Friendly Service, Fun and Adventure, and Preparation for Boy Scouts

Pack 53 is an outdoor-oriented group – we go camping, hiking, and fishing and teach a respect for our outdoor world and our natural resources.
We also believe in community service and will participate in a wide variety of projects to help others and to give our boys a foundation in citizenship
and service. As a Cub Scout in Pack 53 your son will be part of a program based on character, family, and fun!

We meet on Tuesday nights at 6:30 PM during the school year and offer group activities like hikes, swim parties and movie nights during the
summer months. Our meetings are held at the Waxhaw United Methodist Church, 200 McDonald Street, Waxhaw, NC

Cub Scouts are broken into groups generally based on their age and grade in school. These groups are called dens and are sorted as follows:
Tigers (1st grade), Wolves (2nd grade), Bears (3rd grade), Webelos 1 (4th grade) and Webelos 2 (5th grade). Every den is led by at least 2 fully
trained leaders.

There are two sets of fees. The first is the initial registration fee paid to Boy Scouts of America. ($1 for transferring scouts, $20 for new scouts).  
The other costs are dues paid directly to Pack 53, which are $20 for the 1st month and $8/month thereafter.  Every new scout is also given a T-
shirt when he joins Pack 53. Additional shirts are available for purchase for $7.00 each.

Just like your baseball or soccer team, there is a uniform required as part of Pack 53. We require the official BSA Cub Scout shirt, belt, hat, and
neckerchief/slide. Blue pants are also required (jeans are fine, as long as they are clean and not torn)

• For more on Pack 53, please see our web site www.WaxhawPack53.org
• For general scouting information or to purchase uniforms or other scout supplies, please see
www.Scouting.org and www.ScoutStuff.org
Where we meet...
A little about what we do...
January 2014
Jan. 6 - Leaders Mtg 7:00 PM
Jan. 7 - Den Meeting 6:30 PM
Jan. 14 - Den Meeting 6:30PM
Jan. 25 - Scouting for Food (Drop-off)
Jan. 28 - Pack Meeting 6:30 PM

February 2014
Feb. 1 - Scouting for Food (Pick-up)
Feb. 3 - Leaders Mtg 7:00 PM
Feb. 4 - Den Meeting 6:30 PM
Feb. 8 - Pinewood Derby Work Day
Feb. 9 - Scout Sunday @ Waxhaw UMC
Feb. 11 - Den Meeting 6:30 PM
Feb. 18 - Den Meeting 6:30 PM
Feb. 22 - Pinewood Derby 8:30 AM
Feb. 22 - Blue & Gold Banquet 5:00 PM

March 2014
Mar. 4 - Den Meeting 6:30 PM
Mar. 7-9 - Campout TBD
Mar. 11 - Den Meeting 6:30 PM
Mar. 14-16 - Webelos Campout
Mar. 18 - Den Meeting 6:30 PM
Mar. 25 - Pack Meeting 6:30 PM

April 2014
Apr. 8 - Den Meeting 6:30 PM
Apr. 11-13 - Bridging Campout @ Camp
Hawk Valley
Apr. 22 - Den Meeting 6:30 PM
Apr. 29 - Den Meeting 6:30 PM

May 2014
May 5 - Leaders Mtg 7:00 PM
May 6 - Den Meeting 6:30 PM
May 13 - Den Meeting 6:30 PM
May 20 - End-of-Year Ice Cream Social
May 30-Jun 1 - Final Campout TBD